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How to Avoid Gambling Anger
Getting angry is a cardinal sin in the world of gambling. In a world where your only weapon against the might of the casino is logic, it’s almost a crime to disregard this facet of your being and revert to primal emotions. However, when luck is against you and things are going your way, it can be extremely difficult to stay focused and maintain an even temperament.

Novice gamblers freshly signed up with their Unibet bonus are particularly prone to swings of emotion because they usually lack knowledge about one crucial area of the gambling world: variance. In a nutshell, variance is the distribution of results away from the expected standard deviation. To put this more simply, each move has an expected long-term result but to get to this infinite conclusion you will experience a number of differing outcomes.
 Essentially, in the short-term a move can have both positive and negative consequences, but if it has a positive overall expectation then it’s the right thing to do. Indeed, it doesn’t matter if you stand on 16 against a dealer who is showing a 5 and lose ten times in a row. Overall this move has shown to be profitable, which means if you keep doing it you’ll find that your bankroll goes up over time.

Understanding the nature of variance is possibly the best way to prevent a burst of anger affecting your play. By appreciating that sometimes you’ll lose money even when you’ve done the right thing, you’ll be more willing to accept any setbacks you encounter. Of course, the pain of losing money is something that many people find tough to deal with. However, if you’re able to look beyond the short-term and se the overall benefits of you actions you’ll make more consistent moves and, thus, become a much better gambler overall.

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