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What is eCOGRA

What is eCOGRA?

Gambling has been around for as long as there has been recorded history, but online gambling didn't take off until the Internet exploded on a worldwide scale in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The early days of online gambling were a lot like the old west: there were few if any rules or regulations, and when there were, they were hard to enforce. Gamblers at the time had little assurance that the games they were playing were fair or that cheaters would be handled appropriately. In came the need for a regulatory body to monitor and certify gambling software, and so eCOGRA was born.

eCOGRA, which stands for the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, is an independent organization that helps standardize the processes and practices used in online gambling software. The UK-based organization helps casino onlinethat operates in regulated markets to get their software accredited so that they can be in compliance with the law and international standards for online gambling. The organization was started by a few owners of online gambling sites in an era when cheating and corruption was rampant. eCOGRA founders knew at the time that vulnerabilities in the software could lead to the downfall of the industry, so they created a comprehensive system of checks and balances to ensure fairness to players and owners.

When a gambling site becomes accredited by eCOGRA, it is awarded the Safe and Fair Seal. This lets customers of the site know that the software has been checked by an independent agency that has fairness and security in mind. More than 160 sites have been awarded this seal, and you can tell a site is certified when the seal is present on the company's home page. Casinos online aren't completely in the clear once they've passed their initial accreditation. They also need to pass period spot checks and submit annual reports in order to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Obtaining accreditation through eCOGRA is beneficial to both the customers and the gambling companies. Millions of dollars get transferred through gambling sites on a monthly basis, making them prime targets for cheaters and thieves. Standardized software and processes help ensure that security holes and game vulnerabilities are caught and protected against. Gamblers are encouraged to contact the eCOGRA complaint department if they've had a bad experience. Customer response makes up a very important component of eCOGRA's responsibility and power.

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