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If you're a fan of slots games and the internet (and who doesn't love the internet?! Let's be honest here) you'll love playing slots online over on! They've got all kinds of great games with a slew of variations that get better and better as you play through them all. There were so many slots I had no idea which one I wanted to click on first; a smorgasbord of slots! And with each variant of games comes different themes to boot from A-Z. The latest themes are some of my favorite, though. Want to guess what they are? Fine, I'll go ahead and spoil it for you.

First up is my personal favorite which appeals to the comic book superhero nerd in me: The Amazing Spider-Man! Yes, now you can finally play an online slots game themed around Marvel Comic's world renowned wall crawler AKA Spider-Man. As the teenage equivalent of a punching bag in high school, Peter Parker was bit by a radioactive spider granting him its abilities and he dons the famous blue and red tights to swing through New York while running his mouth. The game is a lot of fun and the artwork of Spider-Man is sharp and clear as one would expect of a Marvel character.

The next great one is based around another great Marvel character, the Incredible Hulk! As a scientist conducting some kind of extremely unsafe experiment Bruce Banner was "unexpectedly" hit with gamma radiation that turned him into the giant green rage monster known as the Hulk. The artwork is topnotch and features the latest design of the Hulk from the Avengers movie. So check out these and the other slots games over at!

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